Hey Dolls! 

After opening up a Beauty Studio 1 year ago 'Summer Bunny Studio', we thought the idea of having our own Gel brand would be PERFECT. Working 10 hour days, we knew exactly what our clients wanted. Like all major brands, we started ours within the stock room of the Studio, managing our time between the Studio and Well Gel.

Balancing our time has been difficult but with our warehouse underway, we can't wait to see where we will be this time next year. We are completely obsessed with our brand and we have taken so much time in making sure it fits its purpose; both long lasting and FABULOUS. With our range of colours nearing 200, we are confident we cover all seasons, from vibrant Summer colours to cosy Winter shades. 

We are currently based in Cheshire, U.K but we are in the process of finding avenues to make sure we can offer our Gels Worldwide as requested and hope to do so by the end of 2020. 


Lizzie and Isabelle

Creators of Well Gel LTD