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Follow these few steps to ensure a long lasting relationship with your mani. Remember, Manis over Men.

How To Apply Your Well Gel Polish?

- The Gel Polish must be cured using LED/UV Light Systems

- Prep nails ready for gel application

- Gently push back the cuticles and trim any excess dead skin

- File nails to desired shape (e.g square, squoval, round)

- Buff nail beds

- Cleanse nail bed using 100% pure acetone (use a lint free pad)

- Tell your client NOT to touch anything once nails have been buffed and cleansed

- Apply a thin even layer of Well Gel Base Coat

- Cure for 60 seconds

- Apply 1-3 even coats of Gel Polish to achieve the desired look

- Cure for 60 Seconds

- Apply Well Gel Top Coat

- Cure for 60 Seconds

- You do not need to wipe over your top coat once cured

- Apply cuticle oil to nail beds to keep hydrated

- Finally, take a NAILFIE (Nail selfie)

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TIPS; 'Heat Spike' is a phrase used when a client experiences a burn like sensation under their finger nails when under the lamp. Kindly ask your client to remove their hand and ensure your lamp is on a low heat. Any seconds you lost removing your clients hand must be regained.

How To Keep Your Nails Fresh AF...

Follow these few steps to ensure a long lasting relationship with your manicure. DO's Within the first 24 hours of having your manicure, avoid any contact/exposure with excessive heat such as saunas, hot pools and sunbeds. Apply cuticle oil generously and on a daily basis to keep your nail beds hydrated. P.S This will also promote nail growth. A little tip is to keep it next to your toothbrush so you won't forget! When cleaning, wear your Marigolds! (or maybe just use the dishwasher) and ALWAYS wear gloves when gardening. Holiday Tip: Once you have applied your sun cream or had a dip in the pool (had contact with chlorine), give your hands a wash/wipe. Finally, to prevent any damage to your natural nails... Make sure you return to your nail tech to have your gels correctly soaked off. DONT'S Your nails are jewels NOT tools. Avoid using your nails as a can opener. Never pick your polish off. I know it's hard to resist as they begin to lift, but this will cause damage to your natural nail, it will make them weak and sore. Try and avoid long periods of time in water, especially in the first 48hrs. For more info @wellgeluk

Soaking Off Well Gel Polish

To ensure you keep yours/your clients nails in the best condition, you MUST correctly soak off the Gel Polish - no picking, peeling or biting. - Firstly, you must file off the top coat using a course file - Soak a cotton pad with 100% acetone and place it on the nail bed - Wrap both the finger and the cotton pad tightly with foil - Repeat this process on all fingers - Wait 5-10 minutes... - Remove the foil, one by one - Using a cuticle tool, scrape the remaining Gel Polish off the nail bed, one nail at a time. Don't pull all foil wraps off at once; if the foil comes off, the gel will begin to harden again. - If the Gel Polish isn't budging, re wrap the nail and wait a further 5 minutes. Never try and force the Polish off, it should easily glide off the nail bed - Finally, once the Gel Polish is off, prep the nails like normal and re apply the Gel. - If your client is leaving their nails bare, be sure to add a little Cuticle Oil to keep nails hydrated after using acetone.

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