What is Skulpt gel?

Skulpt gel has been designed by Well Gel, created with damaged nails in mind. Skulpt can be added as a strengthening layer before applying the Well Gel polish, as a natural nail overlay, or to create short length extensions using tips/forms. Skulpt gel uses the same process as gel polish, however has a thicker consistency and requires a slightly different application process due to its thickness. Skulpt has been developed to help promote growth to your clients natural nails, those who may have damaged them due to their line of work, everyday tasks and/or the classic picking and peeling off their gel nails.

Simply apply 1-4 coats of Skulpt gel onto your clients nail bed, no base coat needed. Our Skulpt gel can be used as a shade of it’s own or you can apply one of our colours on top. Skulpt gel is self levelling so takes a little more time to build up on the nail than our regular base coat requires but will ensure a long lasting mani for your client.